Capturing Authentic Love Stories: Wedding and Couples Photography in Phoenix AZ

To Love and be loved is one of the most amazing feelings you can ever feel. I can say firsthand, that marrying my best friend, my amazing husband was the best day of my life. Being in love is like Taco Tuesday every day! It’s the best. Thing. Ever. I love being able to capture couples in their most vulnerable state of love. Those sweet kisses, the little whispers, and the flirty giggles. I tell my couples to act like I’m not here, that way I can get authentic images of their love story. If you’re a couple who laughs a lot, then I will make sure that translates to your images. If you’re a couple that loves to pose and make a statement, then I’m going to capture your love most powerfully.

At the core of that, is your love story. So while we shoot I’ll ask questions like how you two met, who’s the best dancer of the two of you, and of course, you’re going to have to get jiggy with it for a sec. It’s only right.

For weddings, you have a friend in me. A friend that will make sure you look your best on your day. It’s the details for me. Details of your dress, suit, décor, venue, shoes, etc. The details that you both took the time to make sure they’re a part of your special day. I will steal you both away to get those intimate moments of staring into each other’s eyes, or holding on to each other, and taking in the fact that this is a forever kind of love.