Embracing Motherhood: Celebrating the Beauty of Pregnancy with Maternity Photography in Phoenix AZ

Welcome to motherhood, which I say is the BEST HOOD. I have 3 boys, and I never knew what unconditional love was until I looked into their eyes. There’s nothing like it. Kids are your heart outside of your body, and it’s a blessing to experience. Maternity holds a special place in my heart because my kids are my world. Being pregnant is tough at times, and can be a lot mentally and emotionally. The most important thing is capturing your pregnancy. You’re bringing life into the world, your body should be celebrated!

When you book your maternity session, I will make sure you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world because you are. I always pull out the Beyonce fan for my mommy to bes’, because well-it always adds the perfect touch of drama. I love playing with set designs for my moms and bringing fabric and flowers to the session. Whatever you need to feel a pregnancy glow, we will pull out all the stops.