Hey You!

I am Alexys, but because I like you, you can call me Lex!

I am in LOVE with love. And I love capturing it. That melt in your arms, feels like home, warm cookies and milk LOVE! Natural beauty is intriguing to me. The timeless landscapes, here in Phoenix, bring a smile to my face, I am an adventurous photographer ready to shoot your unforgettable moment. Phoenix is the city that keeps on giving, from sunrise/sunsets, greenery, cacti, water, just take you pick!

I LOVE a genuine spirit, and one willing to step outside of the box for that perfect shot. You will ALWAYS have a supportive, cheerleading hype-woman in me, and most importantly- you will always have a friend in me. I'm a boy mom, and boy do they drive me crazy. Lemonade is my jam and every day is Taco Tuesday for me!

I also love a great laugh, one great enough to leave my abs sore....and make me laugh out loud to myself an hour later. Yup, I'm that girl.

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